Argumentative Essay

Mitt Romney shouldn’t become president of the United States

Mitt Romney is the republican candidate for the 2012 President of the United States election. He is running against the current president, democrat Barack Obama. On November 6th one of them will become the new president. At this point, Romney is taking the lead in the polls with 1.5 percent. But for how long? He should not become president of the United States. Not only because he isn’t a charming man, but because he is not good for America.

The 65-year old Romney has something against women. He has a few policies that will reduce the reproductive rights of American women. Not only that. He has also policies that will reduce the success in the workforce. Cruel.. Instead of focusing on employments, he is focusing on the rights of women, like Planned Parenthood, abortion and birth control access.

Romney will become the next George W. Bush. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. According to different sources, the tide of war will raise again. Why? You’re probably thinking. The advisors of Mitt Romney were the advisors of George Bush. And those advisors think the only problem that Iraq had, weren’t enough shocks.

Romney’s plan for the taxes is not a very good. He is a wealthy man, so he only stands up for the wealthiest. Middle class America will be forgotten by the candidate. Even though most of the Americans are in the middle class. Romney himself only pays 14% in federal taxes. That is far lower than what the middle class pays. Romney has called for keeping the tax cuts that will benefit the richest 1% of America. He also dismissed concerns that millionaires, like Mr. Romney himself, are most of the time paying a lower tax rate than cops, teachers and construction workers. He is only going to reduce the tax rates. And in the recession we live in (it’s the worst since the Great Depression) we just can’t afford to continue to reduce tax rates.

These are only three examples of why Mitt Romney should not win the president ship. Barack Obama will be way better for the middle class, for the women and for the foreign countries. So Mitt Romney should not become president of the United States.