Bullying in the media

People who take their lifes because of bullying. It happens almost every day. Only a few weeks ago, a Canadian girl named Amanda Todd put a video on YouTube of her story. She got bullied a lot, even after she changed school, the bully chased her, so she couldn’t start her new life. The media found out about the video and it got spread all over the internet. Only days after that, the 15-year old took her life. That started a huge campaign about bullying. And it got the attention of a lot of people.

This also happened in the Netherlands. Tim Ribberink committed suicide because he was bullied a lot. His parents put an obituary notice in the newspapers and very soon, people started talking about it on Twitter and Facebook. NOS put on an articles about it and within a day, every Dutch citizen knew about the bullied Tim. Also in the Netherlands, people started talking about bullying and how it should be prevented.

But does this really have to happen before people do something about it? A lot of people have taken their life because of bullying. And people don’t talk about it in the news. Because of this boy and this girl, everybody talks about bullying. How to notice it and how to prevent it. Does the media really have to have this big of a part in this? If these two people didn’t get in the news. Life would be the same for everyone. Schools wouldn’t take notice about bullying and bullies wouldn’t know what they did.


Photoshop Fail

We see it at least once a month, Photoshop disasters. But why? The models are thin already, most of them are a size zero and do have pretty faces. Little adjustments are okay, but major changes? What’s the point of being a pretty face if they change you anyway.

Only a week ago, Victoria’s Secret proved –again- they used Photoshop, not in a good way. The Lingerie brand put a photo of a model on their website with a flying hand. Yes, the arm of the model is completely gone. And it’s not the first time this happened. They smoothed out inner thighs of the already skinny-legged woman or made waistlines and bellies thinner.

But not only Victoria’s secret uses Photoshop in wrong ways. On the website ofAmerican Apparel is a photo of a model with a horse, but only the horse’s head is visible. His whole body is cut out. These things happen regularly. But doesn’t it give the wrong idea of being beautiful?

There are millions of teenagers who think Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima or other models are their role models. They want to be just like them. And if you see the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show, you will see that the models are beautiful and have perfect bodies. So why Photoshop it?

Victoria’s secret photoshop fail model mist arm %tag

Aggressiveness in football

As soon as the news came out, the media were all over it. I’m talking about the death of the Dutch football linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen. He was only 42 years old. At an amateur football match, he was attacked by three players of 15 and 16 years old. He got kicked against his head and only hours later, he was declared dead.

It wasn’t only a sad day in the Netherlands, but the whole world was grieving. The English television channel Sky Sports took over the news very quickly. And also German TV stations were all over it. And only short after the news had spread, it was all over the social media, as Twitter and Facebook. Again, these media had a huge impact on the stories that were spread. People started talking about the two football clubs who were involved, and not the good things, but the really bad things.

As always, news that is hard to hear, begins to hype as soon as it gets out. It will hurt a lot of people.But the people who had to tragically witness this and had to go through this, will stay in the background and have to deal with the loss on their own. While the people who are tough enough start to talk about it on all the social media.

As for now, there won’t be any amateur football over the next weekend. The professional players will silence for a minute before their game starts and everyone will be wearing mourning bands. Not only in Holland, but also in Belgium and Germany, people will think about the linesman who was attacked.

We present you…

The Voice of Holland, Spoorloos, Big Brother. Examples of worldwide hit TV-shows. But did you know that they’re all from Dutch inventors.

With our own TV-formats we’re in the top three of the world, after England and The United States. But why are our ideas such a success? Well, here in Holland, we have more guts. On the Dutch television, you can say more, you can do more and we dare more.

As an example: In Cannes, they submitted the Dutch show ‘De Kist’ to a Spanish TV-host. He literally turned green when he saw it. He thought he was cursed, because he was very superstitious. Those are things you can only do in The Netherlands.

So which format is recently bought by another country you might think? All stars. Yes, that weird soccer-series is going to be on the television in Italy soon.

So with our TV-shows, we’ll conquer the world.